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OPTT trade for 7/20 – 7/21/2016

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This is the third time we took a short position in $OceanPowerTechnologies ($OPTT stock) since June. Once again clueless long chasers, sheep who cannot read nor understand a financial balance sheet, ripped this stock up to stratospheric levels making it a prime target for a short swing trade. We started shorting OPTT in the $10s and kept adding to the position as high as the $15s. Why add to a losing position most of you will ask?...

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MTOR trade for 6/28 – 6/30/2016

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Brexit fears earlier this week provided many attractive opportunities for us to bottom pick some US-based stocks. One of the ones we decided to get long on the vastly oversold dip was $MTOR (Meritor -- a truck parts manufacturer with 20% of its revenues coming from the EU). On the 3rd day down from the Brexit vote (an extreme -20% stock price fall), we scooped some $MTOR up at the lows and rode it up for a couple days. Easy long swing...

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WLL trade for 6/27 – 6/28/2016

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Oil was getting hammered due to Brexit fears and a rising dollar. $WLL (Whiting Petroleum stock) declined -31% the past 3 days and decided to start bottom picking this E&A name on short-term oversold conditions. $WLL has de-levered its balance sheet and is now considered a good strong oil services name in our opinion making it a great overnight swing candidate. The stock market opened up nicely today and we sold out of the position...

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KOOL trade for 5/19 – 5/20/2016

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Cesca Therapeutics ($KOOL stock) released yesterday a pr statement about results from a single patient pilot study they were conducting. The chasers pumped the nanocap stock up +80% at its intraday high. We read the news as just a pump press release because the study was only on ONE person and it wasn't even an official phase 1 or 2 study but just an investigative one. We shorted into strength and decided to hold the position...

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QHC trade for 5/6 – 5/10/2016

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Community Health hospitals spun off their Quorumealth division ($QHC stock) last week. Many times spin-offs give a great chance for investors to buy the spun off asset on the cheap. This is because when a company gets spun off, lots of investors may not want the newly spun off company and usually what happens is they just dump it right away. This causes the spun off stock to tank in a short amount of time. And with big institutional...

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