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Flash Crash trades for 8/24/2015

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Every few years, there comes a day in the stock markets where a trader can feel as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Today was that day - August 24, 2015. Volatile markets are a daytrader's best friend. Market volatility is caused by a major of factors some of them being fear, extreme one-sided trading (ie. funds are ONLY selling stock today and noone is buying), and environmental factors (ie. terrorist attacks or world financial...

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An equity daytrader's goal is to profit off intraday price swings in invidivual securities. The greater the intensity of intraday price fluctuations (bigger stock price swings up and down) and the higher frequency of spotting these situations are a daytrader's dream. More volatility = More profits to be made! So how do you trade stocks in volatile markets? I trade with the same caution as I do in slow markets but I will try to trade...

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