MBLY trade for 1/14/2016

Posted By JM on Jan 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Fast moving stocks with considerable trading ranges are prime stocks to scalp trades left and right. Take a look at 2 quick trades we did in $MBLY ($Mobileye stock) in a matter of minutes. We saw that this stock was moving $0.50 up and down every 10 seconds with a range of over $3 in a period of only 5 minutes. We spot stocks like this and you can easily scalp some easy money right at the 9:30am EST stock market open.
This is just one stock that we traded. The bulk of our trading profits today came from bottom picks of select small and mid-cap biotech companies.

$MBLY Profit: $2,389 in a matter of minutes with absolutely no stress.


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