LXU trade for 5/6/2016

Posted By JM on May 6, 2016 | 0 comments

Insane moves of -35% in stock price one day and +35% the next are ridiculous in my opinion. That's what happened in $LXU (LSB Industries stock) the past 2 days. It tanked on bad earnings and got upgraded by 2 firms today to strong buys.

We bottom picked it yesterday and today we shorted the squeeze near the top. The guidance yesterday provided by $LXU was pretty bad so a move of +35% on upgrades today was asinine. Shorted into strength....and we covered into weakness. Contrarian trading at its best.
All trades are posted up live as it happens in the MookTrader stock chat room. Come join and trade with us!

Net Profit: $2,782


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