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Trading and Education are the focus of our Live Chat section. This is where our subscription members share trading ideas with one another in the stock chatroom. You can either participate in our discussions or if you feel more comfortable just observing please do so. No one here is forced to share trading ideas or execute trades period. However we feel you will get more out of if you actively participate.

The fastest way to proficiently learn how to daytrade requires constant exposure to watching real money-making trades happen real-time, from our live stock chatroom's crystal clear entry, adds (if any), to exit alerts. Other chat rooms do not provide this much clarity in terms of entries and exits and often confuse people what their actual positions are making it impossible to follow with accuracy. Watch MookTrader, our Moderators who are also professional or institutional traders, and our members trade their capital real-time. You will be exposed to why they initiated the trade and what stock market conditions and factors will lead them to exit the position. Our Moderators in the Live Chat are here to make sure this forum is focused on trading topics only during stock market hours without the chitchat clutter.

Our chat room is text-based and doesn't use a video feed to operate.  It also works on all the leading Android and iOS tablet devices enabling you to stay connected from absolutely anywhere.

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