KOOL trade for 5/19 – 5/20/2016

Posted By JM on May 20, 2016 | 0 comments

Cesca Therapeutics ($KOOL stock) released yesterday a pr statement about results from a single patient pilot study they were conducting. The chasers pumped the nanocap stock up +80% at its intraday high. We read the news as just a pump press release because the study was only on ONE person and it wasn't even an official phase 1 or 2 study but just an investigative one.

We shorted into strength and decided to hold the position overnight as #KOOL still held up fairly well into the close and did not collapse yet. We covered into weakness as usual. All trades are called out live in the MookTrader stock chat room so that all members can shadow and learn from us.

Net Profit: $2,611


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