Inspirational Email I Received From A Trader

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I had never really used Twitter before and my good trusted friend @DaytraderJM kept touting to me how TweetDeck is a great informational tool for real-time news alerts. I decided to give it a try and began posting up my trading activity and alerts on Twitter about a year ago just for fun. A year later I have gotten a nice following and you guys have given me the inspiration to start the MookTrader trading community.

To my surprise one day I received an email from a Mr. C Hagan. I didn't recognize the name at first so I continued reading the email wondering what this was about.

"Hello - Judging by the way you trade something tells me you used to trade at Lions Group Trading… Are you Hubert Tsai ? Anyway, I’m interested in more info regarding the chat room. Thanks … BTW: Hubert or not, your trading is impressive. I’m a contrarian (but more of a swing trader) as well, and if you’re Hubert I think I learned it from you. 🙂

Anyway - Thanks for the daily Tweets on your trading. All the best for the New Year…"

I replied back to Mr. Hagan and he replied back with this:

"Hello Hubert - I was with LGT AFTER all the WorldCo stuff. You and a guy named David, your brother Anthony, with a bunch of other traders came up to Columbia to recruit. You guys were probably just breaking from WorldCo then. I went back to school late in life and was there finishing a degree and decided to give the day trading a shot after I graduated. I traded directly in front of you and Anthony (I was a little older than you guys & used to be an actor if that jogs your memory.) Anyway… I remember one training session that you led after market close. It was a day that you said you had just lost $50,000 ! I love it, losing $50,000 in one day and it was like water off a ducks ass…LOL - I always remember what you said that day: “ If the stock goes against you, BUY/SELL MORE ! HAVE SOME BALLS! “ LOL - I guess I loved that advice because now that’s exactly what I do only on more of a swing basis.

I must have run across you on Twitter because I trade KNDI a lot. Love the story for helping with the pollution problem in China and nice backing from the Gov’t. Company’s rep got ambushed on FastMoney the other day…but it’ll climb again 🙂 I started noticing your style and then remembered how you always used to call the guys who would solicit you on the phone: “MOOKS !” LOL - Then I saw that you follow your brother Anthony and knew it had to be you. No worries… I’m not in touch with anybody from my trading past and haven’t blown your cover to anyone.

I live in ******* Nevada now near Las Vegas. I let my licenses (7, 55, 63) go awhile back. I got frustrated day trading. I wanted to be able to hold longer with no pressure of getting out of the position. I did make money (not as much as you !! Only bought a motorcycle, not a Ferrari ! 🙂 but it got frustrating so I took a break… Now I’m back trading, in addition to a clothing business which I’m winding down, I trade for myself in a regular ol’ Scottrade Account. Building it up slowly but surely…

I’m not sure if people appreciate what an education you’re giving them on Twitter… And for no charge…Being able to watch a real pro like yourself trade in real time is invaluable. It’s real confirming watching you trade the same contrarian style as I do. But then again, I learned it from you ! Thanks, it suits me well. I’m not surprised that you’re now going to be charging a fee for the education… Smart …

Hubert, it’s great running into you. Please give my regards to your brother Anthony..."

This is the most inspirational email I have received from anyone. Thank you C.H.! I hope I can have a similar impact on all my MookTrader members!

- Hubert Tsai

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