F trade for 8/24/2015

Posted By JM on Aug 24, 2015 | 0 comments

We are creating a new section here called 'Trading Summary' to reflect back on what positive daytrades and swing trades we executed.

Ford was our best trade overall today on August 24th 2015. What happened today was strictly a flash crash panic scenario. Stops losses got triggered on computer generated selling coupled with forced institutional dumping and took everything down in minutes to RIDICULOUS levels. We spotted that $F (Ford stock) got "flash crashed". At one time it was down over -22% for the day!

When no news in $F today can explain such a sharp decline, it means one thing = BACK UP THE TRUCK. We kept buying $F on the way down as fast as we could enter our orders in and should have bought even more! The key to profiting off flash crashes is to get in your orders in time as they just simply move way too fast -- seconds and sometimes if you are lucky a minute. Once the market woke up and realized what had just happened from computer algo selling, funds starting buying the stock back up over +20% from the intraday lows.

This was the easiest $37,447 we made in around 15 minutes! Lots of our members profited enormously on this trade.

f trade

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