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You don't need to have a rocket scientist background to be a consistent profitable equity trader.  All you need are the right set of trading strategies coupled with the proper self-risk management and you have a winning combination.

Successful Wall Street traders all have different trading styles.  Learn which one(s) are best suited to you by exposing yourself to the many different trading ideas presented in our live trading chatroom.  Connect with real people who do this for a living and learn from the pros.

You learn faster when you are around other successful traders. Our stock chat room environment provides just that.

In our Member's section of our website, we have a separate blog called 'Academy'. There we talk more in depth about technical stock trading education, such as topics like how to bottom pick crashing stocks (showing some of MookTrader's past winning trades all with accompanying intraday charts and textbook explanations of his thought processes as the trades occur) and basic / advanced technical analysis.


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