BKD trade for 2/9/2016

Posted By JM on Feb 9, 2016 | 0 comments

Earnings misses & new 52 week lows are great criteria for bottom picking stocks. This is because stocks making new yearly lows get pushed down harder than what they should because there are no technical support levels for institutions to target and fewer bids on the book.

Today $BKD (Brookdale Senior Living stock) guided earnings for the full year -6% only and the stock tanked as much as -25.5% on the day! The P/E ratio on the stock isn't high like a $DATA or $SPLK so a smaller move of around -10% should have been the expected move for $BKD. Thus, we started to bottom pick the stock throughout the day and ended up with an enormous gain.

Net Profit: $9,153.


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