BASI daytrade for 2/28/2017

Posted By MookTrader on Feb 28, 2017 | 0 comments

We shorted this Bioanalytical Systems ($BASI stock) today. This was the 2nd day run up on no news. Stock ended up trading ~3x its float today which signals massive stock manipulation, which doesn't bode too well for it holding its +100% run gain this week.

Reasons why we initiated the short position in BASI like all the other microturd pumps are because the company is running on fumes in terms of its cash position as well as the insane +100% pop in 2 days. The trade was pretty straight forward....shorted into pops and covered into weakness.

Net Profit: +$3,458

All trades called out live in the MookTrader stock chatroom as they happen.

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