What & Who is MookTrader?

MookTrader.com is the leading internet live stock chat room with a focus on contrarian trading built by and for professional and institutional equity traders. Yes, we love to take the opposite side of a trade. We are not afraid to short into crazy parabolic upswings or bottom pick those crashing falling knives. Balls of steel? Hell yeah! Contrarian... that's our style.

Aside from being the contrarian, we also spot opportunities for trend trading.  We'll ride stocks up on a break out and short stocks cracking support levels.

One thing that we try to stay away from are penny stocks listed on the pink sheets.  Our expertise lies in trading real companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges that should not belly up your brokerage account in one day --- companies with real earnings and products with market caps of at least $100M+. We are not hesitant to short nanocap / microcap stocks on days with extreme price volatility.

We also swing trade positions when the time is right to maximize gains for days or even weeks.

MookTrader is for the serious individual wanting to engineer his or her own financial success in the markets.  We give you the insight, resources, and environment to understand where the market and individual stocks are heading.  Whether you are a distinguished Wall Street veteran or a fresh out of college graduate wanting a career in the financial markets, our goal is the same for each of you --- that is to enable you to self-execute trades on a higher winning percentage basis than before with bigger rewards.

Who is MookTrader?

MookTrader_profile_picHubert Tsai, founder of MookTrader.com and aka @MookTrader on Twitter, started his career on Wall Street in 1996 at proprietary trading firm Worldco, LLC.  Hubert was trained by a former NYSE floor governor, hedge fund managers, and veteran institutional and proprietary traders who have been in the business for decades when Worldco was a close-knit trading environment of around 10 prop traders.

From there he worked his way up from newbie to Senior Proprietary Equity Trader trading his own ideas and developing his own daytrading strategies.  Worldco at its prime in 2002 employed over 800 equity traders and was the largest proprietary daytrading firm in New York City with branch locations on Wall Street, Broad Street, and Boca Raton - Florida. Hubert was one of the top earners or thee top-earner at Worldco for many years. He has also mentored and trained hundreds of daytraders during his career on Wall Street.

Hubert left Worldco to help start proprietary trading firm Lions Group Trading LLC and after a year he decided to leave Wall Street all together and started trading his own capital in 2004 to the present full-time. His combined expertise in tape reading and fundamental analysis, and quick decision making skills enable him to consistently take money out of the market each day.

In mid-February 2015, MookTrader.com was launched!


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